Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips by ROOR - Set of 3
Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips by ROOR - Set of 3 Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips by ROOR - Set of 3 Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips by ROOR - Set of 3

Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips by ROOR - Set of 3

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Roll the phunckiest doobs ever with a set of Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Tips by ROOR!
  • Made in Germany
  • High-grade borosilicate glass
  • Three reusable glass tips in foam-padded tin
  • ROOR logo in rasta colors on each of the tips
  • Use with rolling papers, not as an attachment
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Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips by ROOR - Set of 3

Here's a luxury item for dedicated fans of rolling up — three different hand-blown glass tips made by ROOR in collaboration with B-Real and endorsed by Cypress Hill!

Use in place of paper tips so you always have one on hand instead of desperately tearing paper strips off of your junk mail, or if you don't normally use tips at all, try these to lessen waste and keep the unlit end from flattening and closing up with moisture. These will keep the end of your roll-up fresh and dry — everyone hates getting passed a slobbery wet fatty! Using Phuncky Feel Tips also eliminates the need for a roach clip.

This set of three comes inside a cool foam-padded metal case, perfect for storage, display or to give as a gift to a lucky smoking buddy! One tip is a straight cylinder; the other two have flattened ends; all three have pinches to help keep bits of debris out of your mouth when you inhale. Each tip has the ROOR logo on it in the rasta colors: red, yellow and green. Phuncky Feel Glass Filter Tips are an elegant yet fun smoking accessory guaranteed to be of the highest quality you can always expect from ROOR.

As with all ROOR products, these glass crutches are made in Germany from high-grade premium borosilicate glass. Clean by soaking in a diluted alcohol solution or with a soft pipe cleaner that won't scratch glass.

Watch the video to see the Phuncky Feel Tips in action as B-Real shows us how to use one to skin up!